May 29, 2008

.Invisible Children Internship.

Go Intern: Writer / Photographer
Timeline: September – December 2008
Full Time / Unpaid

Operational Tasks/ Responsibilities:
For the photography portion, this internship will entail documenting the daily progress of the Schools for Schools Program, as well as taking portraits of Invisible Children’s beneficiaries in the Education and Bracelet Programs. The writing portion of this internship will include composing creative and informative updates on IC’s progress and programs on the ground, as well as general updates on life in Uganda.

· Must be at least 18 years of age
· Completed high school degree
· Strong belief in the mission and core values of Invisible Children Inc
· Strong background in writing and photography
· Possess high level of flexibility and patience in order to adapt to living and working in a different culture
· Solid understanding of the conflict in northern Uganda, and desire to learn about Acholi culture

Required Skills:
· Adaptable
· Self-starter with strong initiative
· Proven ability to work both individually and as a team player
· Exhibit a high degree of personal integrity

..... Just throwing this out there..... Random story, but yesterday I had one of my last finals in my Photography Program and Bruce (one of my classmates) asked me what I really want to do with my photography, and I blankely stated, "I don't know. I really love people, and I really love traveling and I really want to do good things for the world. I want to change the world, and maybe someday I'd love to do some documentary work in Africa with Invisible Children or (red) . More than anything, I'd love to do something to truly use my gifts for the betterment of other people." Then, last night, I checked the Invisible Children website and this *see above* was posted for this fall. An intern position is available for photojournalism. How cool is that?? I don't like to jump to conclusions or get all spiritual, but I don't believe it was just a "coincidence", I believe everything happens for a reason and God gives you passions in places for amazing reasons as well. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a heart for Africa. I have never been before, but I have always wanted to GO and DO GOOD things FOR OTHER PEOPLE. This is what life is about. Effecting other people with the love and compassion of Chirst. Truly delving deep into their world and changing it from the inside out. Shoot.... I'm gonna start preaching now. I think I'd really like to do this. Just pray for me if you get a chance. I think this would be an amazing way to grow personally, spiritually and emotionally for the other Nations and other people out there.

May 27, 2008

.pipeline hike.

I love hiking. A couple days ago Tyler and I hiked the Pipeline down by the tressle that runs right beside the Hood River. They opened up the gate near the end of the bridge too, so we hiked to the end of the very end of the pipeline. It's so pretty and everything is blooming and super green and lush right now because of the Seasons changing. I love Hood River in the spring/summertime.

.red leather couches are so cute.

So, I've decided to buy a red leather couch for my apartment this summer. Right now, I have a pool table in my living room area, but I suck at billiards, so that's gotta go. I am revamping the "fung shui" of my place. It's gonna be sweet. :) LOVE INTERIOR DECORATING.... so much fun!!!!!

May 20, 2008

.I'm still getting taller.

So, this morning I gave my mom a hug and I was like "Mom, are you shrinking?!", She said no, but I didn't believe her, so my dad got out the measuring tape, and my mom hasn't shrunk any, but I grew another 1/2'' in the last year. I'm 5'11'' now. I definetly don't need to grow anymore. I have a hard enough time finding pants that fit my freakishly long legs, and tall guys to date... hahahaha. Seriously, what's a girl to do, and I love high heels too!!!! Shoot man!!!!

But... at least I'm not 7'4'' for like tallest woman in the world.... holy crap man, now THAT'S TALL!!!!!! I am not gonna worry about it too much, I think being tall is fun. : )

May 17, 2008

.I'm addicted to rally racing.

So, since I started driving, I've been a HUGE fan of Subarus, and Rally Racing, and driving Subarus fast, and pretending to be a rally racer.... hahahaha. I can't get enough... I'm positive my big bro's and dad helped me on my car addiction. One day, I am going to buy and build a rally car of my own and start competing in local rally events in oregon (OREGON TRAIL RALLY and the MT. Hood Regional Rally).... so much fun... There is NOTHING better than an extremely fast and highly modified AWD Subaru on the dirt, gravel and asphalt.....then all you have are smiles.... big smiles..... OH.. and apologies for your mother, who isn't happy about your racing fetish's.... LOL!!!! Sorry mom, I still really want rally car.... and Travis Pastrana... yeah, him too ;)

SO SICK!!!!! CHECK THESE OUT: (The last one is the sickest!!!!)

May 15, 2008


So, basically I woke up this morning around 7ish.... that's late for me if you know me... then open up my curtains to reveal.... (dun, dun, dun..... nothing but PURE BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE!!!!!) ..... So what did I do most of the morning, drink my favorite french press coffee, read, journal and relax in the sunshine on the little awning of my apartment...... It was the best morning I've had in a LONG time. I LOVE THE SUNSHINE!!!!! I think by next year, I'll be livin' in SO-CAL full time. I hate the grey dreary rains in Oregon all winter... it sucks, and I always remember just how much I hate it when the sunshine comes out. And, for anyone wondering, that fabulously UGLY green and yellow chair was $4 bucks at a yard sale, and it's one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever owned. Hahaha. Love it.
peace and so much love,

May 08, 2008

.bikini bod or bust......

So, with the bikini season right around the corner it's time to shed my hibernation pounds from the winter. I have started training for a couple marathon runs this year (YAY!!!!) And.... I have to get my arms/shoulders back in shape for this surf season (Another YAY!!!) SO, my 3X Per week (I'll work up to 5X) regiment consists of:

1. 5 Mile run
2. 400+ stair run(A.K.A. SHEER LEG TORTURE) up and down 3X (working my way to 5X)
3. 5X rep of 10 each: leg lifts, dips, push ups, squats, and crunches
4. Walking cool down

I haven't been back in training for all that long yet, so my body is still definitely feeling it, but I feel AWESOME!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working out, I have so many endorphins and my body is getting buffer and more "bikini friendly" everyday!!!! :)

My FAV workout clothes are by lululemon . They have the cutest and most comfy workout, yoga and training stuff. Check 'em out. :)

May 06, 2008

.oh the things my brother seth does.....

So, I'm updating all my CURRENT photos and creative ingenuity into a BRAND SPANKING NEW WEBSITE... :) Can't wait to get that bad mamojama up and running. It's looking pretty stinking good so far, and I'm learning all of the HTML and hosting stuff myself.... so everything about it is all me!!!! That's exciting as well.... it will replace my old site and will be revamped with my new logo and all my new photos. This is a HUGE project for me to take on, and it's FINALLY my last term in my photography program at school, so this is the big SHA-ZAM of the year.... I have my portfolio of fashion photographs and my new website all due at the first of June.... I know, I know, I'm on it I swear.... you guys know me too well... I'm like the utter *ahem* QUEEN of procrastination. But I'm working on it, and if that's my only faulty trait... I mean, that's not all THAT bad... (TOTALLY JOKING..... LOL). K.... so here are some new headshots my brother Seth shot of me for my about/meet me page. :) Enjoy.... oooohhhh snap!!!! ;)