August 23, 2007

.Only in Oregon.

No explanation needed...this picture speaks for itself!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! WHAT THE?!?!?!

.Hershey Kiss Mobile.

.This Kiss Mobile was parked outside of Elliot Glacier last week. AMAZING!!!!

August 17, 2007

.Apples are Sexy.

So.....can I please give a huge sigh of relief and say FINALLY!!!!!! I bought my new laptop. A sexy little 15" macbook pro. I'm pretty much in love. HAHAHA!!!! His name is Beau (which means handsome in French), and I must say he's a fabulous and much needed addition to my life and work. (Oh and Brother---just try not to be too jealous okay!?!??!) Here are a few pics:


This is from one of the mornings I had to get up super early and open at Dutch Bros. Sunrise is sometimes so much more amazing than sunset. Seriously.....check out the rays in that bad boy.....HOLLA BACK!!!!!

August 14, 2007


.the long and deserted road to the resort.

.we almost jumped out of the car to try to catch these wild Indian honeymoon stallions, but we decided to control ourselves and just say no...hahaha.

.you know...just checking out the scenery...lovely desert land.

.blue steel.

So...yesterday after work Sister and I decided to take a little afternoon break and go lay in the wonderful sun at Kahneeta (Warm Springs, OR). It was like 92* and amazing warm and wonderful burning our bunz in the sun.