October 28, 2007

.Halloween Party 2007.

.Barbie and Hottie Police Officer worked it the entire night.

.Oh...there's my date, check out his matching tie.....hahaha.

Oh man....so Courtney and I went to this awesome Costume Party at Dixies on Saturday night. It was so much fun. I probably danced for about 3-4 hours straight :) This was by far the best Halloween yet. By the end of the night my date Ken had lost his hot pink tie and his shoes...oh well. It was well worth it. Halloween is so much fun 'cause for one night you can totally dress up like someone you'd never ever be and become a completely different persona for an evening. Highlights included: dancing with a bottle of mustard, a pro wrestler, and one of those guys who works in a lab with no germs..I'm drawing a blank....what are they called??!...oh well...yeah fun fun. Oh and Court rocked it as "Hottie Police Officer"....HAHAHA...and she was. We had way too much fun together.

October 26, 2007

.Brothers are cool.

Oh man.....I love it when you get a random phone call and it's super encouraging!!!! I talked to my now Japanese brother Seth (Setsu) tonight and it was so much fun. I haven't chatted it up with my big bro in SO LONG.....yeah!!!! :) THANKS SETH, IT TOTALLY MADE MY NIGHT. Plus, it's good 'cause we're both photo nerds, so we chatted it up about how cool Canons are and new lenses and sweet new Apple products coming out....hahahaha.....wow. Anyways, these are the things I love about my bro Seth:

1. He's a nerd. I swear he needs to be an engineer, or some sort of designer....cause I could ask that guy anything and he always has a really good answer for it. Or maybe he's just really good at BS answers??!! HAHAHA. Doubtful.

2. He's really tall. I love it when guys (whether blood related or not), are tall. I can really look up to him....hahahahah....GET IT!!!???

3. He's a man of few words. And I don't know if he was just talkative or possibly on crack tonight (j/k) 'cause he was in a very chatty mood.....hahahah.. Usually I call Seth "Mr. One word answer boy". He makes it a point to say only what he means and what he wants to get across, in as few words as possible.....this all said to reveal that he's my exact opposite. I put my foot in my mouth on numerous occasions...daily. I rarely shut up. Hahaha.

4. He's a man of God. Seth has always been someone I've looked up to in my faith in the Lord. He doesn't just preach it, he practices it. He is someone I hold with high regard and someone who's life really truly reflects the Lord's. Actions speak louder than words, and Seth is a man of good works, words and truth.

K Seth I don't want your head to get too big so I'll be done for now...hahahaha. I LOVE YOU!!!! THANKS FOR BEING A SUPER SWEET BROTHER. Someone who I'll always look up to, and follow the incredible footsteps of.

peace and so much love.

October 12, 2007


.No words are needed for this post. Just let the sweet early 90's colors speak for themselves.

October 08, 2007

.life has it's ups and it's downs.

So...I was thinking today about how sometimes life has it's upswings and it's downswings. The jekyll and the hyde, or the mountain top and deep dark davey jones. I was also thinking about how much my life has changed even in the past year. There have been some drastic changes I've come to, been thrown into, and have made all on my own. Always with change comes challenge, and with challenges, (at least for me), there are always opportunities to furthur my character building skills.
These are some of my ponders on my hour drive down and back on I-84 to and from school today:

1. Sometimes we have no other option but to just let go and move on. This is hard for me. I'm a people person, and I'm a lover for sure. I hate being put on the back burner, and I hate it even more when I put other people on the back burner. I can't stand it when people are flakey, but I've realized that it's always going to be a part of life, and when it comes to putting hope or happiness in other people, it never works. Trust me, I've learned the hard way from experience, people will ALWAYS let you down, and NEVER fulfil you.

2. Laugh more. Love more. Live more. These are my new life motos.

3. Don't think so much. Don't over analyze. Be you. Be true to yourself, and love every second of it. Don't doubt, fumble, disreguard or dispute. Just be blunt and to the point, and 110% genuinly YOU!!!!!! *(and no I wasn't talking to myself outloud driving down 84 hahaha....I just want you to be able to read all this in a semi understandable way).


5. There are certain things that I am super bummed about the way they all went down, but I am at the point where I am choosing to simply understand that I have no power over other people's decisions and I have to simply choose to be at peace and choose happiness and contentment over bitterness and selfish pride or gain.

6. I don't ever want to be rich. I don't ever want to struggle with money either (i.e. be starving and living on the street), but money changes people's outlook on life. "For the love of money is the root of all evil" ~1 Tim. 6:10. The more you have the more you want. It's really a vicious cycle, so I've decided that I won't ever take a job based on money. I would rather work for free doing what I love and trusting that God is going to provide for me then have a 6 figure some in the bank burning a hole through that safe into my bank account. Money and materials don't make you happy in the long run. Stuff is just stuff.

7. I am going to travel the world. I desire so much for my photography to just expand and grow and to gain a name for myself, establish working relationships with clients and for my photography to take me around the globe. I have some pretty big dreams in this realm.
.get published on magazine cover(s).
.do documentary work in affiation with Invisible Children in Africa.
.have a full page spread in Vogue.
.always shoot people to gain a sense of throbbing emotional values.
.assist for Michael Grecco.
.capture the beauty of God's creation.
.Always give glory back to Him.

My Current Travel Bugs:
1 .Italy.
2 .Japan. I miss you Seth & Hannah...oh and the bun in the oven....that one too :)
3 .Prague. (Chech)
4 .Switzerland.
5 .Scotland.
6 .Norway.
7 .Sweden.
8 .Germany.
9 .Costa Rica.
10 .Thailand.
okay, okay, I'll stop :)...but only for now.

8. I'm going to get a tattoo. Soon. It's going to be on my right inside wrist/forearm and it's going to be of two sparrows to represent freedom and flight and my free spirit and the birds will hold the French saying : "La Joie de vie C'est Dieu" in a banner type setting which means: "The Joy of life is God". This is my ultimate life saying and conclusion.

9. I was informed last night by a good guy friend of mine that I am "The most independent woman he's ever met in his life." And then he proceded to tell me that this was a conversation he and another guy friend of mine were having about me a few days prior. The conclusion was this: I'm not interested in giving any guys the time of day because I'm severely independent and driven and self motivated and confident, which means I have no need for a man in my life. HAHAHAHA!!!! I suppose this does goes hand in hand with the lack there of statice in my love life. hahaha. Wow.....maybe I do have a severe case of the "I can take care of myselfs"......but I've always been proud of that....is it really a bad thing?!?!!

10. I've never smoked a cigarette and I NEVER will.

11. My conclusion after a summer of being a blonde.....BRUNETTES HAVE MORE FUN!!!!!

12. Oh.....and yeah that little girl dream of being a singer and getting a record deal....yeah I still want that one too!!! hahaha.

October 07, 2007

.good friends are freaking rad.

.hikey hikey with t-to-the-y-to-the-ler. oh snappy snap. :)

.To see more Photographs check out my Photo Blog .

October 02, 2007

.Ode des Glorious locks of Justice....(a.k.a. mullets)

.I know what you're thinking.....Um...WOW...Sarah has WAY too much time on her hands.......but for real guys, there were three things that went into this fabulously astounding shoot:
1. I have a slight fetish for the business up front and party out back hair style...yep...the one, the only MULLET!!!!...
2. My old boss sent me this sweet wig last year to brighten my day....and now she's practically famous for it....
3. I was done with my school assignment shoot, and thought I needed something random and flippin' SWEET to finish off my day.......there you have it. All spelled out for ya: I rock the M-U-L-L-E-T!!!!!

.sometimes we just need a little jet puffed gooey goodness.