February 21, 2008

.80's Day at Work.

.Sometimes Ashley and I have a little too much fun at work, like on Tuesday when we decided to have a Celebrate the 80's Day at Dutch Bros. We had a blast dancing around and serving coffee, but we found it odd that not many people commented on our ghetto fabulous 80's Gear *see below* and we blasted the 80's station on Sirius Satellite all morning. 'Twas great.
.don't be jealous, just because I am wearing a neon colored fanny pack, and black and gold sparkly leg warmers.....yeah....that's hot!!.

.high top converse....WHUT??.

Celebrate the 80's all. Embrace the tunes of Cindi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and Queen. Embrace neon colors, leg warmers, side ponytails and converse high tops. I personally adore being a "made in the 80's" baby, and I will continue to sport my fanny pack with pride on all the 80's days to come......

February 18, 2008

.Snowboarder's For Christ Oregon Ride Day.

So, today SFC Oregon had a ride day!!!! It was so nice to get to shred with everybody. :) I can say for a fact, I am thoroughly sore, and tired and incredibly exhausted.....but totally stoked on today....still!!!! SO FUN!!!! If only JJ could have made it up too..... :( But it was still awesome to have Tyler, Lynsee, Becky, Jared, Bek, Courtney and I all ride together. YAY US!!!! SO FUN!!!! And we all got to work on our coon eyes.....(goggle tans), because it was so flippin' beautiful out. Yeah Blue bird days!!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! We all had a blast!!! OH...and the random old woman in the pink....she's my new idol.....check out her heshie outfit....she's rockin' it!!!!

February 09, 2008

.My First Tattoo.

So, I spent the past few days up in Seattle with Candice....and we decided to go and get tattoos. I have had mine designed since June, and I finally got an appointment made and actually went through with it. And it's so rad....I LOVE IT!!! It's my life quote, or saying: La Joie de vie c'est Dieu, which means The Joy of Life is God in French. The two sparrows represent the freedom we have in Christ. I'm so glad I got it done...FINALLY!!! And it's a super cool ministry tool because people will ask me what it's about when they see it....so, all around I love it!!! :) This pic doesn't do it justice, b/c I can't shoot left handed....hahahaha. It's way cooler in real life!!!!