November 28, 2005

Beautiful Mt. Hood!!

Oh man...there's nothing better!! The smell of the fresh, sweet buttery love of powder!! I can't get enough of it!! Mt. Hood got 2 feet of fresh powder over the weekend, which is amazing for this early in the season. I've now been snowboarding I think 5 times!! I can't wait until it starts dumping even more!! This picture captures a very small part of the gorgeous drive down from meadows. So beautiful!!

Hey this is my friend Candice and me!!

This is my friend Candice...I love her because she's almost as much of a freak as me!! Haha. No really. She's one of my favorite people on earth. For sure!! We always have fun and laugh a ton when we get around each other.

Je t'aime l'automne

I love the fall...
Seriously it has to be one of the sweetest seasons created. I love the colors and the leaves and the fact that fall comes right before winter!!! EEE-Yuh!!!

November 21, 2005

The Vehicle of my DREAMS!!

So this is the day I fell in love with the most beautifully wreched vehicle I've ever seen. It was incredible. I was driving home from school one Tuesday afternoon in the not so distant past, and I spotted this little beauty just to the right of me. I just couldn't help but admire the paint job as well as the huge tires on the ghetto lift job. I wanted it bad. I almost waved him over to see if he had a mullet and would do a straight up trade for my little Subaru. I didn't for fear of him pulling out his rifle off the gun racks. This was story has the sad ending of me leaving my lovely beast of a vehicle in the dust as I passed him up.

What I've been thinking about...

Do you ever get really overwhelmed with how discusting America is in the consumer aspect? I do...latelly the thing I've been thinking about most is just how much crap we take in....and how much of our money we spend on it. This Holiday season, I am really going to try to be as selfless as possible and try to give away my money instead of buying gifts for people who really don't need them anyways....sorry guys!! I want to make an eternal difference with my money. This is just my random rant for the moment. haha. I hope it is encouraging and not lame!! but here are a couple of links where you can make a difference too..and it's not even all that expensive!! We can make a difference in people's lives!!

November 12, 2005

Going to wonderful school...

So,,,here's what's new with me. I am going full time to Mt. Hood Community College And I like it okay. I mean school is school, right? Right! I am currently enrolled in 12 credits and taking four classes. I love my black and white photography class!! I am now trying to get into the two year photography program at Mt. Hood. I am way stoked about that. Fun, fun, fun!! I'm also taking phylosophy, health & Fitness, and Entrepreneurship. They're all good classes, but I'm excited for next term because I'm not going to take as many classes. Yes folks, I've decided to become a snow betty. I would like to reside on Mt. Hood for the next few months, and be a total bum. haha.

November 01, 2005


Loveland, PDX
Ashley, Momo, Stasio, Rachel and I all went to the Emery show and it was raining so hard by the time we got inside we were all soaked. But the show was rad. It was the biggest crowd I've seen for Emery in Portland yet. They were super good. I got punched in the lip in the mosh pit and started bleeding. Then some retard stole my hat that I bought in that sucked but it was still a sweet show!!