December 27, 2007


.My Ugly Christmas sweater party was a hit, and it's officially going to be an annual!!!!!Thanks Tyler, for taking some sweet pics

December 21, 2007

.iphoto is awesome, and tyler's a freak. HA!!!!

Yeah, give two nerds a mac with iphoto and wait 5 minutes until tears are pouring out of our eyes, then post them on my blog.....HAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Brilliant.

December 11, 2007


So when I don't like to do my work I like to do this....dang Macs are rad:

Sometimes, when I'm lucky, or laughing loud enough.....even my parents and my cat Ollie will join in the fun. Hehehe.

.Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

So on Sunday, the Fam and I went and got our Christmas was kinda like on National Lampoon's Christmas Movie, when the Griswalds drive for hours out to the winderness and then hike an additional few miles to find that one perfect *angelic rays of sunlight displayed* Christmas Tree.....actually it wasn't like that at all....hahahaha. It was more like we drove 10 minutes out to Dee and paid 10 bones and trecked across a muddy Tree Farm to find that somewhat decent enough tree....hahahaha. But here's the best part. I got a mini tree for my appartment too. :) And I love it!!!! P.S. Doesn't Sister look really excited?!?! hahahaha.

November 29, 2007

November 28, 2007


.truths are not many, they are simply facets of one truth and that one truth is God.

~I love this, it's so incredibly simple and yet so devisatingly complex in the way that it makes you think.

November 26, 2007

.old scooter guy.

So....I'm waiting at this red light in Portland and I look over and low and behold.....check him out....this old guy was totally rocking it on this scooter.....and he was catching some ZZZ's while he waited for the light to turn green.....needless to say I was laughing so freaking hard.....I was bummed because my light (left turning) went green before his did....I really wanted to see what the outcome was gonna be or if he was gonna wake up or not.......oh least it was good for a laugh or two. Plus.....check out his threads......he's pretty much my new hero. yep.

November 19, 2007


.So....yeah I just got back from Breckenridge and it's snowing in Oregon on Mt. Hood. It snowed 14" last night. Oh man, oh man.....that's so amazing!!!! I'm stoked!!!! I can't wait for Meadows to OPEN!!!! So this morning I went up to Timberline and Roux and I played in the for broadies in empty parking lots!!!! hahaha.

November 17, 2007


Oh man.....seriously I feel so blessed. I have had the most amazing weekend hanging out with SFC Colorado. God has been teaching me so much about my heart and where His vision for SFC Oregon lies and just encouragement and affirmation. He is so so so good. I love it. I have never felt like I am supposed to head up SFC Oregon more than I do right now. I feel so encouraged and blessed and I'm just awestruck and in a really cool transitional place for the Lord. He is what I want more than anything else. He is what I need more than anything else. He is my heart and my life and my spirit and my hope and my love. He is my passion and my vision, and my everything. He is the heart of SFC, and the center core that leads and meets me where I am and where I need to go. I pray and hope, more than anything, that He would lead my life and shine in SFC and that I can bring glory to His name and that He would have His way, and His vision and His purpose in me.

November 11, 2007

.Saturday Afternoon Hike.

I went on an awesome hike yesterday in Mosier. It was so beautiful outside, and the best part of the hike was when I slipped on a rock and got my feet all wet in the creek :( ......but all I cared about was my camera and more importantly protecting it and making sure it didn't get wet....'cause it's basically worth more than my life. hahaha., but I was pissed afterwards....and all Tyler did was laugh at me. What a punk.

To see more Photographs check out my Photo Blog

November 04, 2007

.Underground Salsa Society.

So I didn't know that Hood River/the Gorge area had an underground Salsa dancing society, but we do, and it's amazing. I've never salsa danced before, but I went to a Salsa Dancing Halloween party and it was awesome. I love it. It's all in the hips. :) SO MUCH FUN. This pic is dark, so I'll just say that you had to have been there for this to have the affect, but it's all good. Every Wednesday night from 7-10pm in an industrial building in Bingen, WA, they have free lessons. :) So great!!!!

October 28, 2007

.Halloween Party 2007.

.Barbie and Hottie Police Officer worked it the entire night.

.Oh...there's my date, check out his matching tie.....hahaha.

Oh Courtney and I went to this awesome Costume Party at Dixies on Saturday night. It was so much fun. I probably danced for about 3-4 hours straight :) This was by far the best Halloween yet. By the end of the night my date Ken had lost his hot pink tie and his shoes...oh well. It was well worth it. Halloween is so much fun 'cause for one night you can totally dress up like someone you'd never ever be and become a completely different persona for an evening. Highlights included: dancing with a bottle of mustard, a pro wrestler, and one of those guys who works in a lab with no germs..I'm drawing a blank....what are they called??!...oh well...yeah fun fun. Oh and Court rocked it as "Hottie Police Officer"....HAHAHA...and she was. We had way too much fun together.

October 26, 2007

.Brothers are cool.

Oh man.....I love it when you get a random phone call and it's super encouraging!!!! I talked to my now Japanese brother Seth (Setsu) tonight and it was so much fun. I haven't chatted it up with my big bro in SO LONG.....yeah!!!! :) THANKS SETH, IT TOTALLY MADE MY NIGHT. Plus, it's good 'cause we're both photo nerds, so we chatted it up about how cool Canons are and new lenses and sweet new Apple products coming Anyways, these are the things I love about my bro Seth:

1. He's a nerd. I swear he needs to be an engineer, or some sort of designer....cause I could ask that guy anything and he always has a really good answer for it. Or maybe he's just really good at BS answers??!! HAHAHA. Doubtful.

2. He's really tall. I love it when guys (whether blood related or not), are tall. I can really look up to him....hahahahah....GET IT!!!???

3. He's a man of few words. And I don't know if he was just talkative or possibly on crack tonight (j/k) 'cause he was in a very chatty mood.....hahahah.. Usually I call Seth "Mr. One word answer boy". He makes it a point to say only what he means and what he wants to get across, in as few words as possible.....this all said to reveal that he's my exact opposite. I put my foot in my mouth on numerous occasions...daily. I rarely shut up. Hahaha.

4. He's a man of God. Seth has always been someone I've looked up to in my faith in the Lord. He doesn't just preach it, he practices it. He is someone I hold with high regard and someone who's life really truly reflects the Lord's. Actions speak louder than words, and Seth is a man of good works, words and truth.

K Seth I don't want your head to get too big so I'll be done for now...hahahaha. I LOVE YOU!!!! THANKS FOR BEING A SUPER SWEET BROTHER. Someone who I'll always look up to, and follow the incredible footsteps of.

peace and so much love.

October 12, 2007


.No words are needed for this post. Just let the sweet early 90's colors speak for themselves.