January 02, 2011

. Recycling Ideas for 2011 .

Everyone can make a difference, whether it's for leaps and bounds or baby steps with recycling. Recycling is something I am personally very passionate about, as well as reusing and reducing waste that ends up in landfills, the sides of roads, and my biggest pet peeve: my own back yard (Pacific Ocean). Please check out the links below, educate yourself about how much waste you contribute to dumps and landfills in a year, and take small or better yet big steps in making recycling, reducing and reusing waste for the better good of our community, our backyards and Mother Earth. :)

Did you know on average, we toss about 2.5 million pieces of trash into the Pacific Ocean every hour? Now that's DISGUSTING!

1. Recycling Do's & Don'ts

2. Earth Resource

3. People in Action

4. Greener Choices

5. Tips for Reusing Materials

6. Reuse Everyday

January 01, 2011