August 25, 2005

Dead Seal on Cresent Beach!!

The nasty dead seal on Cresent Beach that reeked of pooh and vomit!!!! It was so repulsive that we just couldn't turn down the opportunity of making a documentary video of it!!!

August 24, 2005

.Summer dance jam.

What Candice and I would do when we got bored after work in CB over the summer...nothin' but dance parties and crazy fun....DUH!!!!!!

August 19, 2005

The Pirates of Cannon Beach!!!

So,,,,one day the tide was super super low off Cresent Beach, and Joel, Candice and I decided to venture out and find some caves stuff. So we found a little cave and decided to be pirates. *sidenote, we used out sunglasses sideways as eyepatches, not just to look retarded okay!!* We are nothin' but scallywags fresh out'uv Davie Jones Locker.....ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH MATEYS!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!