March 08, 2011

. Sarah McAllister | Jewelry .

Pale Turquoise Blue Chalcedony Necklace on 16" Sterling Silver chain. $20.

Red Chalcedony Necklace on 16" Sterling Silver chain. $20.

Blue Onyx Necklace on 16" Sterling Silver chain. $20.

Pale Pink cube drop earrings $16.

Ocean blue circle wrap earrings $12.

Gray circle crystal earrings with gold wires $16.

Light Blue 3 drop circle wrap earrings $20.

Green circle drop earrings with gold wires $16.
Chocolate and turquoise shell earrings $16.

Blue wrap earrings $12.

Red Coral 3 drop wrap earrings $16.

Light Turquoise Blue wrapped earrings $16.

Green gemstone drop earrings on Copper wires $20.

I am so excited to announce the new release of my jewelry line. I have more styles and designs available. Earrings and necklaces are all made with sterling silver and unique one of a kind beads. Available for the moment by email, but my site is coming soon. If you are interested in purchasing my jewelry please email me at:

March 02, 2011

.Re-Creations / Fabrications.

On a very limited basis, I will be custom designing, sewing, re-creating wedding gowns for brides. Meaning, I will find a vintage gown used, take apart the pieces and fabrics that don't work and re-create them into a new, modern, chic gown that is current and fashionable. Not only does this mean and provide a way for the old gowns to get recycled, but offers a completely unique design for the wedding dress of your dreams. Feel free to contact me at about setting up an appointment soon.