February 26, 2007

arrgghhh me scurvy...okay not me scurvy..hows about me boy.....

Okay.....so MYSPACE....I like myspace..I think it's a great place to keep in contact with friends. It also works well as network tool for new and old peeps.....I don't however, use the internet as a way of meeting boys....that is until Mr. AVG came around through the one and only Blaine Franger......

Andrew: "Who I'd like to Meet: Whoever invented ice cream..."
Sarah: "Hey, I know the answer to that one...I think I'll tell him...it was the Chinese way back in the day."

A&S: Chat chat, blah blah, photography, blah......then I receive this little number:

Histarical. I had the hardest time not peeing my pants.....hahahahahahaha. "Dang this kid is freaking crazy like me."

A&S: Chat chat, blah blah, HA HA, blah blah......

6 months goes by: still chatting, LOL'ing, and blah blah as well as Ha Ha'ing.....and I'm starting to realize we are basically the same person....just like twins or two peas in a pod..and I get this one:

Andrew: "Conjoined Twins... Don't Diss it till you try it :) hahahaha"

I do my background research on him through Blaine, find out he's a pretty rad kid, and also realize I really like how rad this kid is......So I start to pray....that the doors would open if that's God's will.

A&S: Chat chat, blah blah, HA HA HA, LOL, text text, talk talk 'til the wee hours of the night, continue to realize more and more just how much we have in common. It's weird... and weirder yet, all of the crazy "conincidences" that continue to happen through chatting, talking, blogging, messaging, emailing, etc....it's really starting to freak me out.....but I'm just trusting God and continuing to put my hope in Him and not in some boy I met on myspace.....hahahaha.

Andrew: "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Then, this weekend happened!!!!!
The visit....dun dun dun.....

haha.....I bet you so almost believed that it went horribly.....hahahahaha. Yeah right...I couldn't tell a lie to save my life....hahahaha....it was aMAZing. We had so much fun, and we're instantly best friends like I thought we would be. We drank a TON of coffee, drove all over NW Oregon, jumped around in pictures; which only 3/15 were successful....and we're both photographers.....you know what???!!! Shut up!!!! hahahahaha!!!! J/k. Went to the coast, downtown Portland, Hood River, took some more pics...not nearly as many as I thought we would though.....played some board games with the fam..went snowboarding on one of the most epic days of the season.....played a bunch of pool....I got schooled alot....but I did win 10 bucks....*Sidenote: Andrew....dude...you fully forgot to fork over the dough on that one!!!! What's up with that?!?! hahaha* Then....he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said heck yes.....
God opens some doors in really weird "coincidental" ways through His will, friends and aparently sometimes even through myspace...hahahahaha....random I know....but I guess THAT'S JUST HOW WE ROLE!!!!!

February 17, 2007

Dang it feels good to be a GANGSTA!!!!

So, tonight I had a photoshoot with a ghetto Chevy....it was tight....check out how ghettofabulous this bad boy is:

February 14, 2007

.So Cool.

I love the unexpected. I love when there's those little things in your day, maybe even linked with things that were already planned, but those little things that happen unexpectedly. The things that are straight from the Lord. They are so cool. I had a photoshoot this morning with another student from my program, and it went super well, I was actually modeling not shooting it, but it was way fun, and anyways, we were just shooting and chatting and ended up going to coffee afterwards and just getting on the subject of God, and then we both found out for fact that we are both believers and it was so encouraging and so rad to just talk about how faithful God is and just how it's so hard sometimes to be a light for others but just that it doesn't matter how hard we try because God's gonna be a light in us anyways and shine in our lives regardless of what situation we're in, because the Holy Spirit is in our lives and is living and active in us. So it was just rad....so my day has been amazing so far, and it's only like half over!!! hahaha.....but I just thought I'd share....how stinking amazing God is and just how He in the master of those unexpected blessings He pops into our lives....and that rocks my world more than a little bit....yeah.....more like a lot!!!!!
Peace and so much love on the loviest doviest day of the year!!!!


Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily
angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love never fails.

1 Cor. 13:4-8a

February 13, 2007

Seriously...SO SICK!!!!!

Yesterday was the sickest day I've had riding Hood in like a month....it was SO AMAZING!!!!!! Freshies=amazing, bad lands=amazing, park=amazing, pics=amazing, friends who are super dope riders=amazing, me catching my edge and flipping over my board numerous times and eating powder=priceless!!!!!

February 07, 2007

.Ask Me.

Ask me to go,
And I will go.

Ask me to lead,
And I will lead with all of me.

Ask me to follow,
And I will follow You more than anything.

Ask me for my heart,
Lord, this is my offering.

With all of me,
I choose all of You.

Lead me, and I will follow You.
Love me, and I will treasure You over everything.

I just penned this song tonight...I've just been thinking so much about treasure, and that verse, in Matthew where it says "Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be." And how much we as human being invest in silly stuff like material posessions and stuff and junk that doesn't last, and just how God longs to give us His eternal vision and longs for our hearts here on earth so he can mold us and make us more like Him.....and that's just so cool because it's fun to have God lay certain things on your heart and then just how God will totally give you blessings back for acknowledging things in your life that can and need to be changed to make you reflect the Lord more, and it's just super cool how God works all that out for His glory. It's tight. So,,,with all that said.....there's the song that was the excess of all of those thoughts going through my brain over the past couple days...yeah....hope that all makes sense.
peace and love,

February 01, 2007

.Sister's 18th Birthday.

I can't believe my baby sister is already 18!!!! Holy smokes...I can remember when she was just being born, and I was a tiny little girl who just wanted to hold her and pretend that she was my little baby doll. Haha.....and now she can smoke, and vote and get a debit card, and gamble....oh the joys of being a "partial adult"....hahaha!!!!! I love it....here are some pictures of her four layer cake she made.....it was SO HUGE!!!!!! Funfetti with sprinkles...and Seth and Hannah sent her a birthday card telling her not to start smoking just because she can....hahaha!!!