July 31, 2007

.My Boyz.

I swear this was quite possibly my favorite night of the entire summer. I got to have a photoshoot with all my fav. boys here in HR. Jonathan, Andy and Richard. Well....I was having a blast and I think they were too....hahahaha. Then we all smoked amazing cigars in front of these brand new really ritzy appartments downtown, and we just chilled and laughed our little heads off......amazing....so much fun!!!!!

marijana cigarettes!!??!

Andy's first speeding ticket....but sorry mr. super trooper, no MIP here.

k....so this is amazing...after taco night we're all driving back down in Andy's car (which is the most sexiest car alive......SUBARU WRX!!!!),,,and aparently Andy's driving a little fast 72mph in a 55mph....so we get pulled over by some state trooper or sheriff or whatever and seriously it hadn't been like 5 seconds after Andy rolled down his window that the 5-O said this: "How much marijana have you smoked tonight?!?" Andy: "None Sir, I don't smoke." 5-O "Just hand over the marijana, who has it, just hand it over now." Andy: "I swear to you, I don't have any and I don't smoke. You can search my car if you want to." 5-O: "Yeah, that'd be great, could you all step out of the vehicle." Awestruck...we all get out of the car and head up to stand in front by the hood, Andy gets patted down, then mr 5-O searched the car to find....NOTTA...NOTHING....NO WEED...NO Marijana (Cause none of us smoke like we told him in the first place). So he proceeds to ask us when the last time we smoked was and gave us no apologie for falsely accusing us of having weed when we didn't. To make a long story short, Andy got a speeding ticket and the 5-O couldn't hammer us with any other charges for the non-existant pot that aparently the car was reaking of....oh well. We all had a good laugh the last 10 minutes down the mountain from Parkdale.....we were like....WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT ABOUT!!??!??! "Hand over the marijana now..." At least it's a funny story to tell now....hahahaha.

.Taco Night.

So every Monday (or Tuesday) depending on friend's schedules, we all head up to Elliot Glacier Brew Pub in Parkdale for Taco Night. It's so much fun. Usually the crew consists of Dutch Bros. employees and some randoms thrown in there as well hahaha...A.K.A. Andy and Richard. We eat "build you own tacos" for $1.50 and drink really good beer that Elliot Glacier brews. So....all that said....enjoy some photos of Taco Night. Oh...and I apologize for not having pictures of the awesome tacos themselves...we ate them all before I started taking pics.... hahaha.

I love Mt. Hood. My mountain is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

One thought......Where did she buy that and does it come in MY SIZE?!??!! Gotta love Parkdale!!!!

They have Amazing IPA!!!!

Instead of chips and salsa they serve homemade popcorn as an appetizer....YUM!!!