December 29, 2010

.New Years Inspiration.

Just a few cute photos to get you inspired for New Year's Decor!! Is that not the cutest idea, to put a simple winter green in a champagne glass for decor?? Oh my gosh, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!! I will be working away this year on New Year's Eve, but I hope to enjoy the awesome Dance Party at Lush Wine Bar in Cannon Beach Oregon when I get done with my work. :)

November 22, 2010

.Tyler Roemer Photography.

Wow, Congratulations to my friend Tyler Roemer who's photograph above made it into National Geographic!! Check out the full page HERE . I love seeing friends reach goals. That rocks!!

November 15, 2010

.Cute Christmas Decor Ideas.

.The Holidays are almost Here.

I love, love, love this time of year. Wow, it always makes me smile when I think about Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I love the magic of the Holidays and everyone getting together and enjoying good food and drink and it's such a good time to year to give to the charities and people in need. I am opting out of gift buying this year and instead I am choosing to give the money that I would have spent on gifts (well, some will end up with shoes, but still) to give to these charities/causes instead:

We can make a difference if we try. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". ~Mahatma Ghandi

Check them out:

1. Ocean and beach protection through the non-profit Surfrider Foundation - Oregon Surfrider Foundation

2. One for One Campaign with TOMS shoes - TOMS Shoes

3. Genocide intervention through the Save Darfur Coalition - Save Darfur Coalition

.Japanese Tree.

I was just looking through some older photos the other day and reminiscing about my time in Japan and found this photo of a tree I took when I was in Takayama Japan a couple years ago. I love, love, love this photo and it always makes me smile when I look at it because I remember such an amazing time with friends and family in Japan.

April 09, 2010

.My favorite Dog on the face of the Earth.

Tonight was a gorgeous night in Cannon Beach and I got to spend a ton of time photographing my favorite dog (who is tecnincally my boyfriend's, but I claim him as my own constantly) on the face of the earth. Here are a few of my favorite shots of Wookie!!

April 01, 2010

.Birthday Wish List.

Okay, okay, I know I'm always the one who makes these silly Birthday Wish Lists and I honestly don't think anyone even ever looks at them... but I'll just put a few items that I'd like on here to make shopping for me an easy thing rather than a stress to anyone who wants to buy me a birthday present or feels abliged (LOL)!!!! I promise you I'm not expecting anything though. ;)

1. 2002 Subaru WRX

2. Classic Short Grey Uggs Size 9

3. Canon 100mm f/2.8 Lens

4. Shootsac Camera Bag

5. Shootsac Baroque Cover

January 18, 2010

.Snowboarding with Jesse and the Kids.

We all went up to Mt. Hood Meadows for the day since the kids had the day off from school today. We had so much fun. I busted out my Burton LTR teaching skills that I learned at N* in Japan. It was fun, Elexis got her J turns down super well, and she ended up going in the small park and jibbing her first table top and totally making it, no falls or anything..... SO SWEET!!! Addie and Derrick did super great too, I just kept telling them that the more they go, the better they'll get. I'm more than addicted. My Winter schedule consists of: wake up. coffee. snowboard. take photos. more coffee. edit photos. sleep. and repeat.... I LOVE MY LIFE!!! It's all about the small things. They make life awesome. :)