July 28, 2008

.White River Falls.

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen. It reminds me of the Amazon and how some of the tropical waterfalls look. : ) So much fun hiking around and swimming in the White River/lounging in the sunshine all day!!!!

July 11, 2008

.Foo Fighters Show.

So, last night, my friend Homero and I went and saw the FOO FIGHTERS in Portland at the Rose Garden. It was an amazing show. I am a huge music fiend, so I go see shows as much as possible, but I'd never seen the Foo Fighters play before. They put on an awesome show. Seriously, they are so, so, so great live. Sometimes, you go and see bands who you think will rock in concert and they end up totally sucking live, but the Foo Fighters ROCK!!!!! It was one of the best bands I've ever seen live!!!!! :) :) :) Major smiles for that, and Homero let me drive his Nissan 350Z (3.5L V6 with over 300hp) from Hood River into Portland, and that is an awesome and very fast little sports car. WOW!!!!! He was like "LADY!!!!!!!" when I hit 112mph on I-84...... LOL!!!!!!....... SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I had a blast!!!!

July 03, 2008

.Histarical Wedding Candid Photo.

This is a photo from one of the last weddings I shot..... hahahahaha. I love it when you don't notice this stuff while you're shooting, and then find it when you're editing through your stuff........ LOL!!!!!!! SO GREAT!!!!!!

July 02, 2008

.Death Cab For Cutie Show.

.So, I know you love how all I photograph are my friends at shows instead of the actual band itself. Hahahaha. Both Death Cab, as well as Rogue Wave rocked a lot. But, more than anything I love the hanging out with the peeps the most. :) :) :)