April 29, 2007

.Sister's Senior Prom.

So...Sister was in a huge rush to get to prom so she didn't let me get nearly as many pics as I wanted to, but here are a few: She looked like a Barbie Doll...haha...and we totally made her hot pink satin, jewel embellished dress!!! It was pretty much amazing!!!! She looked GORGEOUS, and Christopher looked pretty good too!!!!

.AWWW they are SO CUTE!!!.

April 25, 2007




.These were supposed to be their angry faces. hahaha.

Today I had a photoshoot with some of the cutest little boys ever!!! They have so much personality and are so stinking adorable. They were a blast to hang out with and shoot at the park and at home.

April 24, 2007

.Old Towne.

These are some pictures I shot today during my field photography class. It was so much fun. The weather kept changing on us, but it was semi bright and warm out, and the clouds made everything super diffused so it rocked. I got to shoot all afternoon and had a blast hanging with Geneva and Nick.

.This bike reminded me of just how much I miss Amsterdam.

.I love this one, it is kind of like a double exposure, but the lanterns are from inside the building and the building is the reflection on the glass. I love how it looks like strokes in a painting.

.I'm pretty much addicted to reflection shots now.

.This is my beautiful Geneva friend.

.And this is SO NICK. Hahaha...he makes me laugh so hard all the time.

.Rusty Dodge.


April 22, 2007

I'm a Dutchie Now :)

So,,this weekend Dutch Bros. Coffee opened in HR, and it was so much fun!!! We gave away free drinks to everyone who came in all day Friday and Saturday. I met and worked with some awesome All Star Crew peeps from all over the State, and got to dance my little butt off the entire weekend....hahaha. Oh...and I shotgunned my first Red Bull with Melea, Logan and Brendan at 5:30AM....hahaha.....BOO-YEAH!!! AVG...I hope you're proud....hahahaha!!! I hardly ever drink Red Bull, but one of those plus my Kahlua Kicker and my day got off to an amazing start!!! Can I just say, I love my new job!!! Dutch Bros. is an awesome company to work for!! So much fun!!!

.I Love Hood River.

So basically everyday that I wake up, I'm like...."Dang, I love Hood River!!" I love it here so much more than the Gresham area. It's so freaking beautiful!! I'm closer to my mountain :), I get to go running everyday, chill with my friends all the time, and I LOVE my new job!! I constantely have an amazing backdrop for all my photography, and I just flippin' love it here!!!

April 17, 2007

.New Growth.

I sometimes think about what it takes to make something grow. Take for example a seed. For a seed to grow, it needs to have a few key elements; good earth, water, and sunlight. If this new seed lacks any of these things it won't grow. A seed has a slow start, but once it does, the new growth that stems from it is more and more vital with each new season. Life can oftentimes be like this. Sometimes it's hard to get the new growth started, or to water the right seeds in our lives, but once we do, the new growth we experience will be far beyond last season's weathered leaves or stagnant roots. New growth in areas of life may not require soil, h2o, or daylight, but I believe it does require patience, perseverance, and hope based on the solid roots of the Son.

April 15, 2007

.Photo of the Day.

.Sister Photo Shoot.

So....I've come to learn that the more time I spend with Sister, the more I adore her!!! She's quite possibly my favorite person in the world, and most definetly my best friend ever!!! For one of my classes, I had to practice "posing" and using natural light on people....so I pretty much took advantage of the fact that Sister and I got to dress up and go and have a sweet shoot together~~We were cracking up the entire time....and a bunch of like 12 year boys were skating down in the industrial area where we were shooting....so we had to just run to the car and pretend we weren't changing outfits and then run back....hahaha!!! We were like...."Awkward!!"

.Interiors and Exteriors.

A couple days ago I got to shoot some interior and exterior shots for Tom Heuberger, a local contractor in town for his website. It was super fun running all over Hood River and getting to see the creativity and design involved in his projects. Here are a few of the shots I really like:

April 11, 2007

.Menucha and Latourel Falls.

Yesterday for my field photography class we went and hiked around Menucha and Latourel Falls. It ended up being super nice and warm outside and it was supposed to be pouring, so we totally lucked out. :) I'm always down for sunshine!!! Yesterday was such an amazing day!!! Sometimes I get sidetracked with school and assignments and forget just how much I love to get out and shoot!!!