July 23, 2006

.Work, Surf, Eat...then repeat.

So....yeah. I just recently moved back to Cannon Beach, which is on the Oregon coast. It's beautiful. I love it. I am working the same job I worked last summer at a little flower shop and just surfing and chilling in town a bunch. It's fun seeing familiar faces from last summer and Ecola and all that jazz. I'm learning a lot too, about arranging flowers more and about how to do more wedding flowers. It's pretty fun.

So....this is a horrible surf story. Last night Tex and I went out. And it was really big and really sloppy. Not fun. the first wave I took I got pile driven down through the wave to the bottom feeders section of the Davey Jones Locker. haha. But seriously. It was a much bigger wave then I've ever taken before and now in hindsight I don't know what I was thinking,,,,it was really really scary. I was a few seconds away from gulping a huge swig of salty ocean water into my lungs. This story has an okay ending though....I have so much more respect for the ocean when I get tossed around in it because the ocean is a flippin' huge and masively strong element. So...I should fear it....but healthy fear....'cause I can't wait to go out and ride it all again. haha. awww sick. shaka braw. shaka.

peace and love from the O.C. (Oregon Coast, not Orange County).
keep it real.

July 07, 2006

.First Friday Pirates.

Sister and I decided to go downtown for first friday and walk around. It only took us 15 minutes driving around downtown to find a parking spot. And first friday has turned into an enormous tourist attraction. It's crazy. Like we walked around for a lot of the night and didn't run into anyone we knew. Well....okay maybe I lied we ran into a few people...but the tourists definetly outweighed the locals. Then after first friday we put on some pirate pearls and got our skull and crossbone flags out and went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean II...it was really long but really good. And pirates are amazingly sweet. I decided I'm going to marry one. haha. Wouldn't that be rad.....pirates...a.k.a Johnny Depp is so hot. Yeah dude. But go see the movie, cause it's really really good.
peace out!!
Sarah ARGH!!!

July 05, 2006

.4th of July.

OH MAN!!! Since I've been home I've been real busy. The 4th of July was fun...went to the parade, had a BBQ and went to another BBQ where I won a sweet star visor for winning 2nd place at frisbee golf (boo-yeah!), went and watched the fireworks from a bluff house roof in Washington (thanks to Kent)....it's been awesome...it's crazy trying to catch up with friends and let everyone know that I'm home now so I can hang out again. And I'm trying to find a job in town for the summer and trying to design some more stuff for reBEL. Hmmm...what else is new!?!!? I dunno. It's been nice being home and hanging out with my family again. It's good stuff all around!!! And....this is weird...I didn't get jetlag at all...it's so crazy..I figured I'd be out for a week or so...but nope. I'm not complaining though. That rocks!!