March 31, 2006

I'm HERE!!!!!

Finally,,,,after a TON of traveling...I made it to Amsterdam!! Thanks for the prayers,,,,everything went really smoothly....the only bummer part so far is that the computers here don't have hard drives...So I can't upload any pics to my blog....hope you guys won't get bored.....well I've gotta get to bed so I can work in the morning!!

lots of love,

March 26, 2006

The ParTAY after the wedding!!

All I can say about the reception....was that it was totally LIZ!!! Everything from the trees on the tables with the hanging crystals to the tealights and the was so artsy and beautiful and screamed Liz....way too fun!!!

the wedding mullet!!

.Liz and Eric Henry. I love going to weddings when you absolutelly have no doubt that the couple are made for each other. I adore Liz Young and Eric Henry,,, and now they are MARRIED!!! Yay for them. The wedding was beautiful. I did the flowers,,,my first wedding job going solo,,,I loved it,,it was so much fun, and Liz loved the flowers which made it all worth while. It was supposed to rain, and ended up being sunny and warm outside. The whole event was wonderful!!!

March 20, 2006

I'm moving to The Netherlands!!!

HEY YOU GUYS!!! I'm moving to The Netherlands. March 30th through June 28th. I cannot wait!! I'm so excited to go and serve at The Shelter. I think I'm going to learn a lot there. I bought my plane tickets last night, and I'm trying to finish all of my last minute stuff with school and my jobs here before I fly across that huge ocean. YAY!!! I'm so stoked!! I actually get to go!! This is going to be fun, and a new adventure for me. I want God to make me grow in ways that I've never grown before, get me out of my comfort zone, and learn more about Him daily, hourly, and momentarily during my stay in Amsterdam. God is amazing.

The glorious oregon coast and all it's beauty!!!

I got to go visit Cannon Beach over the weekend. It was so BEAUtiful there!! I got to surf at Short Sands and hangout with friends and work to make money for Amsterdam. So much fun!! I love the ocean....the smell of the air (which is actually quite gross if you think about it, dead and alive fishys and sea creatures, seagulls and salt)....but I love it. The ocean is my favorite place!!

March 15, 2006

Amsterdam here I come...........

So, wow. It's really crazy for me to think about, but I really believe that God is going to place me in another Country at the end of this month. I got accepted to go and work and serve at The Shelter, this really rad Christian youth hostel in downtown Amsterdam. I'm so stoked. I'm still in shock from it all, and I have a lot of money to raise before I go, but I just have peace that if God truly does want me in The Netherlands, that the money will come in. So.....pray hard ok?!?! I'm SO EXCITED!!! I seriously cannot wait to go and serve over there. It's gonna be really fun, and really stretching at the same time!! God's good.

March 10, 2006

.when I drop, I drop it like it's hot......what!?!?!?!

wow,, can you say emo?!! .... if snow could look pensive I think it'd look like this
I have fun riding with my friend Jordan, but I get the feeling he thinks I'm crazy!!!! Eh.....oh well!!! Oh my goodness,. Hood has been slammed this spring with new snow, it's so sweet!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!! FRESHIES ARE THA BOMB!!!!

.Fresh Pow Pow......heck YES!!!!!.

Lovely snow covered forest~~

Oh the sweetness of tree runs...................awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh tracks......oh much fun!!!!

March 09, 2006

.Sister and I being silly.

I have to say, I stinking love my sister!! She's pretty much the most amazing little sis around. She's my favorite for sure!!! I love her to are some pics from us during our music video session, hahaha,,,random, but most definetly fun!!!!

March 05, 2006

.A Beautiful Weekend.

So, wow....what an amazing weekend....all I did was ride..the whole weekend.....awesome!!! So much fun. I aired out of the pipe for the first time ever, did a half rainbow rail successfuly for the first time ever, and did my first tree jib and got it on my first try, and hit every jump I took...or almost...hehe. I freaking love snowboarding....I may cry because the season's end is coming very soon.....SAD DAY!!! April 17th is going to be my dimise. I need to live on a mountain and ride year round. Oh well....probs not. On a good note,,,,the surfing season for the Oregon coast has just started getting good and I'm stoked for that. Can't wait to get in that cold water with all my great whites. It was a beautiful weekend....oh so wickedly righteous,,,sicky gnar,,,,shred the pow pow, tree runs, awww sick parkies.....hit 'em up!!! haha......

March 01, 2006

.Beautiful Night.

Just another beautiful night in HR. I couldn't resist going and taking a few pics of the clouds, becuase they are so stinking pretty!

.Anastasia & doggy doo doo.

Here is my beautiful Anastasia friend. This sign made me laugh,,,(the bottom part), 'cause we totally found a big pile o' dog poop, and I would have put a pic of that on here too, but that's really gross,,,,obviously nobody used their "pet pick-up".