February 09, 2011

.A few of my favorite current inspirations.

I don't know what it is about lilies, but they get me. These have to be my all time favorite flower. I love how simplistic and elegant the blooms of casa blanca lilies are. They are so gorgeous. I have also been enjoying the contrast of dark navy blues against tans, creams, khakis and grays. I love the way the more subtle natural hues pop when they're against the strong dark depth of a deep blue. Of course, everyone needs a little texture; chunky knit throws are huge right now. Super cute, and oh so warm for those just around the corner Spring mornings when that sunlight beaming through your curtains is just not quite enough to keep you warm. :) Last but not least, I had to throw some bling into the mix. I don't know why but I've been digging big hoop earrings with either filigree accents or stones set into the hoops. Very classic, yet chic. A perfect addition to that jeans, t-shirt and blazer combo to fab it up a little bit.

That's all for now.