September 19, 2007

.Cannon Beach Trip.

So I hadn't taken a surf trip for practically the whole last week I got to spend a few days on the Oregon coast with my fav. Cannon Beach fam the Nelsons!!! :) Love them, and it was awesome to get outa HR for a little bit, have some time off to do nothing but read, relax, sip lattes and surf!!! I love CB!!!!! Here are some pics:

September 04, 2007

.I wanna be me.

I wanna be me.
I wanna fly and be free.
I wanna move and challenge the hearts and minds of others.
I wanna make a difference with the talents I have and those I've yet to receive.
I wanna change lives.
I wanna always think outside of the box.
I wanna fall in love.
I wanna jump out of a plane at 10,000+feet.
I wanna know that there is someone who'll always listen, always laugh and always love with me.
I wanna be wanted.
I wanna be righteous, set apart and totally unique.
I wanna share thoughts and tears for great causes.
I wanna challenge, love and support.
I wanna shout praise on mountain tops and sing my heart out on sandy shores.
I wanna pull harder than others, expect more and never settle for anything less then the best.
I want my heart to be pure, my mind to be at peace, and my love to be the reason I live.
I want to be nothing but me.
I am me, I wanna be simply that.