June 28, 2007

.Barbie Shishcabobs Anyone?!?!.

Hahahahahaha!!!! So....I'm walking around downtown with a friend and we just happened to stumble upon this little morsal on someone's car....HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Is this not THEE SCARIEST BARBIE DOLL HEAD EVER!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh my gosh.....I love HR so much!!!

June 27, 2007

.Court's 21st.

Here are a few pics of Court's 21st birthday!!! Boo-yeah!!!! We probably had a little too much fun that night!!!! hahaha!!! Happy 21st C-Dizzle!!!!

June 09, 2007

.Sister's Graduation.

.Miss Ashley Jones.

.Rachel and Samantha.

.Sara and Katie.

.Aparently mullets are photo nerds too. hahaha!!!!


.Claudia and Rachel.

June 04, 2007

.It's not all.

.I want to do more than I've ever done.
.I want to be so much more than I am.
.I want to live for more than myself.
.I want to affect lives for Him.
.I want frowns to turn.
.I want the tears to dry.
.I want my life to count.
.I want to do so much more than I am.
.I want to be the change I wish I'd see.
.I want to die to myself and suck up my selfish pride.
.I want my life to reflect His.
.I want to love more than I've ever loved.
.I want to need Him.
.I need to want Him.
.It's not all.
.It's nothing without Him.
.I want to be nothing more than this fragrant offering.

June 03, 2007

.Old BFF Pics Make Me Smile.

.I miss her more than anyone in the whole world. My Coco!!!!

.Do you even have to question why she's my best friend?!?! Hahaha!!!

.OOHHHH I miss Summers in Cannon Beach SO bad right now!!!.

.Yes, that's a 200 ft sheer cliff behind us leading straight down to Davey Jones Locker...A.K.A..The Pacific Ocean...hahaha, scary.....more than a little bit, would that stop us from posing for a picture...NO WAY!!!!!!

Surrender the ...

Candice will take you down China Town!!!

.I heart Her.