August 26, 2008

.Cannon Beach trip with the Boys.

SO, this was such an amazing weekend. Every trip Candice (BFF) and I take is always such a blast, but with a crew of favorite people along it was even better. Candice, Jonathan, Paul and I all went to Cannon Beach for the weekend. It was so much fun to get away for a few days and hang out and enjoy each other and the Beautiful Oregon Coast!!!!! The ocean has always been my favorite place to go and get away to. We had so much fun on this trip!!!! So many laughs, and memories together : )

August 11, 2008

.East Coast Love.

Greetings from lovely NY!!!!! Tyler Roemer assisted a wedding in Lancaster, PA with me on Saturday, and now we are traveling around New York for a few visiting friends and taking some vacation time. The East Coast is flippin' HOT in August that's all I have to say. We were in PA for a few days, then NJ and now we're in NY until Thursday evening. I will be glad to get back to the West Coast where it isn't so humid..... eeewww.... it's stuffy out here. More photos to come!!!!