September 25, 2005

More of LONDON!

London lovely London!

London is one of the coolest stinking cities out there!! The Tube is really stuffy and crowded, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I would love to live in London at somepoint in my life. seriously it's really really cool. I love the accent so much. I want one!! Gretchen, Steph and I all walked around everywhere and went to the London Tower, The London Eye, and Covent Garden, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, and so much more. It was absolutelly amazing!! I loved it! The exchange rate is pretty much the only bummer, the pound is worth twice what the dollar is worth.

September 24, 2005

Here's me and Gretchen at Versailles, France. This is the sweetest palace I've ever seen. The gardens are absolutelly incredible. This place was built in 1660 and finished in I think 1696, but my point being it's really really old. There are amazing fountains and incredibly intricate statues and steps and topiaries and artwork. It's so beautiful I cannon even discribe it. King Louis (the Sun King) lived here, and if you look over my shoulder in the background you can see how many miles the gardens go on for. It takes over an hour to get to the end!! Isn't that nuts! We stopped about halfway and had cappuccinos in the cafe and called it good. My feet were hurting so bad from my stupid Parisian princess slippers that I just had to wear!!

.Inside Versailles.

Some(of many) Chandeliers in the palace. I loved how I felt like a princess walking through this palace. It's so beautiful. I just wanted to dance down the halls in a big fancy gown while wearing a very sparkly, and yes expensive tiara.

This is Louis' throne. It's impressive, but not nearly as "Grand" as I thought it would be.

.The Sun King's chapel.

You don't get to walk around in the chapel, but you can see how glorious, and huge it is even from behind the velvet ropes. The ceilings in every church I went to, were amazing.


Vercielles is one of those places you walk through and are amazed that someone had a palace as a house. It's so overwhelming. The museum part of it isn't even very big, but it's so beautiful. Gretchen kept repeating to me, "Sarah, you're walking where a king once walked." It's the wildest feeling.

September 23, 2005

.Cafe `a Fouquet's.

So, aparently Bob told us that everyone who's anyone goes to Fouquets to have coffee. So Gretch and I just had to have coffee there. And it was deluctable. Except...they gave us these weird jellied fruity sugary thingys......if you ever go there and are curious about them...just say no. You'll be so sorry if you eat them. The bathrooms here are GORGEOUS as well!!!

.L'Arc De Triomphe, Paris.

This is one of the most massive structures I've ever seen. It's tight though. It's in the middle of the busiest driving round-a-bout in Paris. I think there are like 6 or so lanes of traffic all merging around it. So to get to the center you walk through a tunnel under the road. It was pretty cool. And big. I cannot explain to you enough, how huge this is.

.Under the L'Arc De Triomphe.

The L'Arc De Triomphe is a war memorial. So every day, they light a flame and have flowers surrounding the unknown soldier's memorial stone.

.French street artist.

Something that was really rad to see, was all of the French artists selling their work on the sidewalks. It's like something you see in a movie, but they truly sell a ton of art just by displaying it like this. Pretty cool. And they are all super good. The sketches are so beautiful.

.Parisian Bridge.

.Map of Paris Metro.

Gretchen and I on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Here's Gretchen and I from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

View from the top of le Tour Eiffel!

This is the view from one side of the top. In the distance is the only spot in Paris that has skyscrapers. Most commonly there are a ton of flat, really old buildings everywhere. It's pretty neat. And in the front there are some capital buildings and whatnot. Everything looks super super small from up there.

Eiffel Tower

Visiting Le Tour Eiffel!!

The Eiffel Tower was so stinking rad!! It is really really big and really really grand and it looks like it weighs a million pounds. I loved how artistic it was and I love the top. I love heights and the Eiffel Tower is so freaking tall, it's amazing!! It looks so rad from the top. You look down and you see people and they all look like ants, it's crazy. And there are so many people up there, the lines to get up to the first and second levels are crazy long. That was not enjoyable. People are cranky and mean in line. But the conclusion is; everyone should check out the Eiffel Tower at some point. It really is amazing. And totally worth the 11 euros you pay to go up to the top.

September 22, 2005

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane!

So Our flight was only about 16 hours total. We flew out of PDX to LAX and then from LA to London. It was so much fun!!! I wish my whole vacation was just on the plane ride!! haha NOT!! Shoot me now...preferably in the foot and not the face!!

Sarah Goes to Europe!!

Hello all you happy people of the world. Over the course of the first two weeks of September I was priviledged enough to go to Europe. I flew into London, England on Sept. 8th 2005. I travelled with my friend Gretchen, whom I adore. We had a blast travelling around together. We stayed in England for a day, then took the chunnel to Paris on the 10th. We stayed in Paris for a total of five days, then headed to the stunningly beautiful French riviera, Nice, Monaco, and Monte Carlo. Amazing trip. So much fun. I'd do it all again in a heart beat. I've got the travel bug folks, who wants to travel Europe with me next??