January 18, 2010

.Snowboarding with Jesse and the Kids.

We all went up to Mt. Hood Meadows for the day since the kids had the day off from school today. We had so much fun. I busted out my Burton LTR teaching skills that I learned at N* in Japan. It was fun, Elexis got her J turns down super well, and she ended up going in the small park and jibbing her first table top and totally making it, no falls or anything..... SO SWEET!!! Addie and Derrick did super great too, I just kept telling them that the more they go, the better they'll get. I'm more than addicted. My Winter schedule consists of: wake up. coffee. snowboard. take photos. more coffee. edit photos. sleep. and repeat.... I LOVE MY LIFE!!! It's all about the small things. They make life awesome. :)