January 19, 2008

.27 Dresses.

Oh man....Girls night last night!!! Sister, Jessie and I went and saw 27 Dresses It's SO CUTE!!!! Everyone should go and see it!!! AND.....can you just tell me.....does James Marsden get ANY CUTER?!??!! NO!!!! He's so adorable!!!! Totally sexy, totally cute, man.....bummer he's like thirty something.....AND married....hahaha!!! Oh SNAP!!! GO SEE IT!!! This movie gets two thumbs up from me!!! And I just couldn't resist finding a few of my favorite dresses, but these are the ones you can wear numerous times, not just once..... LOL!!!! A little Juicy, a little J.Crew, a little Nicole Miller, and some Urban Outfitters as well. Enjoy!!! : )

January 18, 2008

.I can't wait.

SO SO SO SO EXCITED for the new season!!!! Oh man!!!! Let the countdown begin......

January 14, 2008

.I'm in LOVE with SO-CAL.

So, For New Year's Eve, and a few days after, I got to go down to Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Cali.....so soak up the sun, hang out with friends I haven't seen in FOREVER, and tour a fashion school downtown L.A. My trip was so much fun, and I loved the school. So I'm applying to go to F.I.D.M. starting in October 2008. :) I can't wait!!!! I'm ready for the next step. I graduate in June from MHCC, with my A.A. in professional Photography, and now I want to pursue an B.A. in Fashion Design or Product Development. I'm stoked to move to So-Cal too.....when I got of the plane it was 73*,......in December!!!!! :) :) :) Needless to say I was SMILING CHEEK TO CHEEK that entire day!!!! SO-CAL is so beautiful, I love it there!!!!