December 27, 2007


.My Ugly Christmas sweater party was a hit, and it's officially going to be an annual!!!!!Thanks Tyler, for taking some sweet pics

December 21, 2007

.iphoto is awesome, and tyler's a freak. HA!!!!

Yeah, give two nerds a mac with iphoto and wait 5 minutes until tears are pouring out of our eyes, then post them on my blog.....HAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Brilliant.

December 11, 2007


So when I don't like to do my work I like to do this....dang Macs are rad:

Sometimes, when I'm lucky, or laughing loud enough.....even my parents and my cat Ollie will join in the fun. Hehehe.

.Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

So on Sunday, the Fam and I went and got our Christmas was kinda like on National Lampoon's Christmas Movie, when the Griswalds drive for hours out to the winderness and then hike an additional few miles to find that one perfect *angelic rays of sunlight displayed* Christmas Tree.....actually it wasn't like that at all....hahahaha. It was more like we drove 10 minutes out to Dee and paid 10 bones and trecked across a muddy Tree Farm to find that somewhat decent enough tree....hahahaha. But here's the best part. I got a mini tree for my appartment too. :) And I love it!!!! P.S. Doesn't Sister look really excited?!?! hahahaha.