May 25, 2007

.A Pirates Life for Me.

So,....What does a truly obsessed pirate lover do when Pirates of the Carribean 3 comes out?!?! You dress up like a pirate and go to the midnight showing.....DUH!!!!! was so's a VERY LONG movie, but it's still super good. So, everyone should dress like pirates and go see it!!!! ARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

May 21, 2007


.Everytime I spend time with little kids, I'm always blown away. Kids are so precious and so awesome. This is Zoe. She's such a little doll.

May 14, 2007

.Last day of the Season. Shred the Spring Gnar Gnar!!!!

Oh man.....this is me grinding my first picnic table and I totally landed it....BOO-YEAH!!!! And I started hitting hips much fun!!!! I am so stoked on next season already!!!! Snowboarding is pretty much my favorite thing ever!!!

May 13, 2007

.HR Pipeline Hike.

Here are a few pics from my Sunday afternoon hike on the pipeline with Tyler and 210. Before I showed up, they made slingshots and were hitting everything in sight (including each other)...this was highly entertaining, and only slightly long as the rocks stayed small....hahaha. It was SO beautiful outside today...I love it!!!!

T.Money slinging away....

.210 decided it would be funny to try to shoot himself in the face...and he was was.

.NO S*** Tyler's a Photo Nerd!!.

.I love Hood's all about the peace and love here...hahaha!!!!

May 06, 2007

.Cinco de Sarah.

So this weekend was Cinco de Mayo, and I had my birthday party down on the Portland waterfront at the festival. It was a pretty much awesome. Good friends, good food, margaritas, Latino music and dancing, and HUGE CROWDS of people everywhere.

Hahaha..."Spanglish" I love it!!!!

Holla....WHAT!??!! the little boy next to me.....he is 12, please don't think I'm some horrible person...hahahaha.....HE totally asked ME to dance with him when this Shakira style band was playing..... it was the funniest part of the entire night!!!! So I had to get a picture with him. He is such a little lady's man already..haha!!!Everyone made fun of me the rest of the night for dancing with someone almost half my age. But I didn't want to crush his little heart.....hello, I was only trying to be nice!!! It was so funny....

Then....after the Cinco de Mayo Fest, we all went to Kell's, this awesome Irish pub downtown and they had an Irish band playing(sorry this is a bad pic...but it was super dark in there) and a bunch of us drank Guinness(not me...I don't like beer that you can chew) and had Irish Car Bombs to be true to the Pub's Heritage...or something...haha. Oh...then we got to dance around, and I totally felt like I was in the Lord of the Rings, when they have their little party for Bilbo Baggins and everyone is doing their little jigs and drinking pints of was SO much fun!!!! By far, my half Latino/half Irish 22nd birthday was one of my best yet!!!! :)