October 22, 2006

.Peppers are Yummy.

Just some peppers I shot for my lighting class. And then...I ate them...and they were delicious!!!!

October 18, 2006

.Cute Kids.

Too cute right??!! They are the biggest posers in the world too!!!

October 14, 2006

.Christy and Paul Cater.

This is a wedding I attended last weekend, I took some pics just for fun. Anastastasia and Marissa looked amazing, and of course so did their mom Christy!!! Ben shot me the most amazing Zoolander EVER!!! The colors and wedding was really beautiful!!! Congrats Christy and Paul!!!

October 09, 2006


So....just an update on an amazing ministry. We've had our first "official" Snowboarders For Christ Oregon meeting. It went really well, and more people showed up than I thought would. So that in an of itself was encouraging. I love just how God has planned all of this stuff and I don't even need to worry or stress out about anything, I just have to be patient and continue to pray and look to Him for my strength and hope and love. The next meeting is gonna be in a couple weeks and hopefully as the meetings come together and the heart and vision of SFC really gets going, we'll really be able to use this as a tool for the Glory of God. That's my biggest prayer, just that it would all come together and be for HIM, and not us. Cause that's why we all want to do this, to share the message of God's Grace to the mountain community of super sick gaper shreder heshies.....hahaha. no really. I'm serious.

Keep prayers onward and upward for SFC OREGON...hopefully someday in the near future it will be officially up and running.
In Him,

I hope you're not all scared of me.....

So, I'm feeling so much better. I'm looking less and less like a chipmunk everyday. Oh...this is gross...so I actually ended up having to go back into the dentist to get my face looked at again, and one of my teeth (you know the wisdom teeth that don't exist anymore) caused an infection in my face, and it was sick, they had to like cut a hole in my face and ooze the puss out.....ISN'T THAT DISCUSTING!!!!! But it's all good.....I just layed in the chair and looked into the dentist's adorable face....he was SO HOT!!!!! Prettiest eyes ever, I swear. WOW!!!! So it wasn't so bad..and now I have more pain medication and antibiotics....bummer I didn't get that cute doctor's number to go with it.....haha. I'm just kidding. Come now, you all know me better than that don't you?!?!?! haha. Other than that, life has been insanely busy with school. I'm feeling a little lonely living in Gresham without a roomie. But it's okay, hopefully I can meet some friends and find a job soon. Um....school, I love. I get to take pictures and study art and be creative almost everyday in class. I don't get a lot of the lighting concepts and the like shutter speeds and all that, but it's coming, the more I actually do it, the faster I get, and I'm taking a color slide class and that's been really cool. Understanding different concepts about color theory and color composition etc....that's been really cool. I can't believe I'm already three weeks into all this school stuff. I have lots of homework everyweek, but it's not unbarrable.

k. I'm peacing out now.